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VPN-only access to the internet

A few days ago, I noticed that my outbound email wasn’t being delivered—it seems as if my ISP blocks access to some outbound ports. An easy workaround is to route traffic through the work VPN, but knowing myself I’d forget to switch it on, leaving my outbound mail stranded. I needed a way of blocking any access to the internet, unless it was leaving through the VPN (since I was sure I’d notice that pretty quickly).

Adobe's new free font: Source Code Pro

Adobe yesterday released its free and open source Type family, Source Code Pro, which includes an eye-pleasing monospace font ideally suited for coding. In the past, and at the recommendation of Fernando Perez, I’ve used the beautiful (but non-free) Consolas by Microsoft; now, which is best? To install on Linux: Grab the font. Copy the files to ~/.fonts. Run fc-cache -f -v. The font should now be available for selection in apps such as Firefox, Gnome Terminal, etc.