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Voice capture org-mode tasks on Android

I often want to capture tasks on the go—in a hurry. When there’s no time to fire up organice or Orgzly, being able to transcribe tasks comes in really handy. In this post, I show how, on Android phones, you can hook up Google’s Assistant with org-mode, so that you can speak notes and have them appear as TODO items in a buffer. Set up Google Assistant First, we need to teach Google Assistant a new keyword, and tell it to store transcribed notes in an accessible location.

Linking to emails in org-mode (using neomutt)

Update 2018-11-2: Change the URL scheme to message://. See “Other Systems” below. org-mode is, to me, is one of the most valuable parts of the emacs ecosystem. I use it to take notes, plan projects, manage tasks, and write & publish documents. Nowadays, a lot of work arrives via email, and so it is helpful to be able to refer to messages directly from my notes or lists of tasks.

Search headers in org-mode

In org-mode, I often have the need to jump to a top-level heading matching some word. Since an org-mode buffer can be searched just like any other, I can simply invoke forward search with C-s, but this will match all occurrences of the text, instead of limiting the search to headings only. This makes it hard to search for a phrase like “Travel”, for which I have a top-level heading, but also often occurs elsewhere in my notes.