Visualizing and pruning the docker image tree

Visualizing the Docker image dependency tree is a useful way of checking image sizes and inter-image dependencies. Since images occupy a lot of disk space, we may also want to prune unused images. Visualizing image dependencies In version 1.2.0 of Docker, the image dependency tree is available via the docker images --tree command: $ docker images --tree Warning: '--tree' is deprecated, it will be removed soon. See usage. ├─511136ea3c5a Virtual Size: 0 B │ ├─5bc37dc2dfba Virtual Size: 192.

SciPy2013 Proceedings

The talks for the 12th (fantastic) Python in Science conference just concluded, and I am happy to announce the conference proceedings. This may come as a surprize to some, since in the past we have been unable to publish the proceedings in a timely manner. So, what changed? Review process For 2013 we followed a very light-weight review process, via comments on GitHub pull-requests. This change has an important consequence: in contrast to the traditional review process, where reviewers critically pull apart papers, the process now changes into a constructive conversation–the reviewer becomes an ally to the author, helping them to get their paper signed off on.

Replicable super-resolution paper

While I loved the topic of my PhD, I had to take a break after staring at that problem for several years. Thereafter, I was side-tracked by several other projects, and never got around to publishing a paper on my dissertation. Here, then, is a summary of the simple but effective super-resolution algorithm described therein: I also submitted this work to NIPS: the reviewers liked the paper, but they were not convinced of its novelty.

scikits-image 0.7

We’re happy to announce the 7th version of scikits-image! Scikits-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation, analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more. For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website. New Features It’s been only 3 months since scikits-image 0.6 was released, but in that short time, we’ve managed to add plenty of new features and enhancements, including

Adobe's new free font: Source Code Pro

Adobe yesterday released its free and open source Type family, Source Code Pro, which includes an eye-pleasing monospace font ideally suited for coding. In the past, and at the recommendation of Fernando Perez, I’ve used the beautiful (but non-free) Consolas by Microsoft; now, which is best? To install on Linux: Grab the font. Copy the files to ~/.fonts. Run fc-cache -f -v. The font should now be available for selection in apps such as Firefox, Gnome Terminal, etc.

Emacs package management

I recently tried to install MuMaMo as one of the dependencies for Takafumi Arakaki’s Emacs-based IPython notebook. The instructions on the MuMaMo webpage were as clear as mud and aimed primarily at Windows users. Enters apt-get for Emacs! My Emacs setup is shared across multiple machines: a synchronized elisp folder, containing *.el files, along with my .emacs configuration. el-get allows you to share your package installation folder in a similar fashion.